Our Vodka

Pure in Spirit

To be more exact, we take 96.7 per cent kosher neutral spirit distilled from the finest sugarbeet, combine it with the purest sourced water available, add a dash of inverted sugar syrup, apply a further rigorous filtration process and voilà, a pure 80 proof (40% alc.) vodka, fit for the most devout member of the Jewish faith.

It’s kosher

Purity is the hallmark of all our products but Shaman Spirits also ensures that every bottle of Moses Vodka is produced under the careful supervision of Rabbi Simon Livson of ADAT ISRAEL, Helsinki Finland to guarantee its kosher status.

So, for the Passover, or indeed, any Jewish holiday worthy of a celebration, raise a glass of Moses Vodka in good health. Lechaim!

The Moses Vodka story

At Shaman Spirits we make the best products possible, regardless of budget or time limit, products that fit every occasion, be it the Sabbath or any other special day.

After 22 years in the business, we set ourselves the goal of creating Moses Vodka: a naturally organic vodka made from sugarcane, the first and only vodka of its kind. In addition to using sugar cane, our vodka uses only pure and fresh well water, certified as one of the finest in Europe.

To crown this product, we chose the highest quality crystal clear glass bottle, decorated with real 24 Karat gold, to make it worthy for the most revered festival, or indeed any other day of joy.

We chose spirit distilled from sugarcane because it can be certified Kosher all year around including Pesach. As the basis of the raw spirit, sugarcane is the only source that grows naturally, without pesticides resulting in an organic product that yields absolute stability in the taste, no matter which crop it comes from.

And, as you probably know, the infant Moses himself was found floating on the Nile River inside a basket made from cane stems.

Not only is sugarcane spirit the best tasting spirit of all other distilled pure spirits, it is also the perfect match to our fresh water well located at the factory – providing water which doesn’t go through any mechanical treatments that might destroy the water's original taste.

Shaman Spirits is committed to a strict kosher production like no other, which covers every part of Moses Vodka production process. This includes the packaging, glass production, closure production, the decoration process and of course all raw materials used in all these.

Moses production staff is always making sure that its products deserve standing on a Shabat or any other Yom Tov table more than any other product on the market.

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